Portable Emergency Command System

Portable emergency command system ZXIMCU P200 consists of Main Processing Unit (MPU) and Remote Radio Unit (RRU).It provides a variety of services such as professional voice/video PTT call based on LTE, high resolution video streaming, video distribution, multimedia dispatch, GIS, voice/video full-duplex call and so on. This system is widely used in case of fire emergency, earthquake rescue, urgent police deployment and other scenarios where a quick set-up of emergency command platform is needed. With direct link to the ongoing mission, the system vastly improves the efficiency of mission commanding and dispatching.

Light & portable

lightweight design, easy to carry

Convenient configuration

integrated power supply to whole system, one click to configure, easy to use

Stable & reliable

well developed SDR platform, consistently good in performance

Professional trunking system  

connection time within 300ms, signal latency within 100ms  

Protection level

IP67 standard

Shock resistance performance

GB/T 4798.7-2007  carry along and mobile use: above 7M2

Weathering performance

-40~+60 working temperature, fully support various emergency scenarios

Services and Applications

Physical indicator

Main processing unit ( MPU )

Dimensions : 475mm×275mm×105mm

Weight : 10kg

Power consumption : 100 ~ 150W

Remote radio unit(RRU)

Dimensions : 475mm×275mm×105mm

Weight : 12kg

Power consumption : 100300W

Service indicator

Operating frequency ( available for selection )

1.4GHz : 1447Mhz~1467Mhz

1.8GHz : 1785MHz~1805MHz

500MHz : 566MHz~626MHz

Network type


Working bandwidth


Transmit power

2×40W ( 1.4G/1.8G ),  2×30W ( 500M )

Number of channels

2 channels,  double transmitting and double receiving,  improved coverage

Upload/download speed

50 / 100Mbps

eNB maximum throughput

DL600Mbps,  UL300Mbps

Ethernet port


Fiber optic port


Clock synchronization

Support GPS / 1588V2 / SYNCE

Core network service

CN throughput : 0.8Gbps

PTT call establishment time : 300ms

Maximum user number : 500

Maximum group number : 100

Maximum online PTT call : 256

Maximum base station connection : 10

Other indicator


Support MIMO,  improved coverage ability

Multiple signal carriers

Support multiple signal carriers,  improved system capacity

Highly efficient power amplifier technology

CFR/DPD/Doherty,  lower power consumption


Based on Software Defined Radio ( SDR ) platform, high system reliability

Wireless resource management

Wireless bearer control,  wireless access control,  mobility management,  dynamic resource management


Support remote maintenance,  check,  recover from failure,  remote software download

Dispatch console

Multimedia dispatch console

Laptop,  dispatch console client software



GH880,  GH650




CPE,  Web camera,  GDC,  manpack device


Small antenna

1.4G / 1.8G optional,  0.35 meters long with gain of 6dBi,  suitable for demonstration

Portable omni-directional antenna

500M : 1.8 meters long with gain of 7.8dBi

1.4G/1.8G : 1.2 meters long with gain of 10dBi  


Portable backpack

Used to carry portable devices, comfortable and good looking, each set contains two backpacks

Portable case

One portable case, used to store the whole portable command system

Portable mast

3m / 5m / 8m available

Environmental suitability

Working temperature

-40℃ ~ +60

Storage temperature

-50~ +70

Air pressure range

70 ~ 106 kPa

Protection rating


Power supply

100V ~ 240V,  50HZ / 60HZ  AC 500W