Vehicle mounted system

Caltta on-board ZiLTE emergency command system is a LTE-based broadband multimedia private network solution developed specially for the needs of industry users. The system complies with the B-TrunC standard, adopting special reinforced vibration-absorption, miniaturization and other customized designs aimed at on-board environment.

Miniaturization, high integration

  • Miniaturized design, small system size, light weight, easy installation

  • Highly-integrated design, integrated with a set of network element and service system, such as multimedia scheduling, core network, base station, etc.

Rapid deployment

  • The system is based on full-IP architecture, so various equipment can be easily connected; convenient installation, start operating upon power-on, without any other operations

  • Full AC power supply mode, wider range of power supply, adaptive to 110V, 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz power systems, with no need for additional special power source and converter, well suited for on-board application

High reliability

  • Based on service-proven SDR platform used widely in the world, offering high reliability and stability

  • Special reinforced vibration-absorption design aimed at on-board environment, ensuring reliable operation of the system

Extensive services

  • Professional audio and video trunking, a hundred responses to a single call, PTT service

  • HD video monitoring and video distribution, ensuring accurate and unimpeded information

  • Full duplex video call, realizing accessible communication

  • Data upload and media data deliver, MB bandwidth based on LTE technology

  • Standard data module, supporting customized industry terminal extension

  • Standard IP interface, supporting various transmission modes such as satellite network, microwave, reticle

  • Support interconnection with PLMN and PSTN networks

High performance

  • Professional trunking function, connection time 300ms

  • 100Ms signaling transfer delay, ensuring reliable transmission and security of signals

High adaptability

  • Outdoor unit: IP66 protection grade; roof and interior: adapt to installation design, efficient space saving

  • Outdoor unit: operating temperature of -40℃~+55℃, completely satisfied with various emergency situations and climate conditions

Services and Applications

Caltta on-board ZiLTE emergency command system offers extensive services, such as dispatch console service, professional voice and video trunking service, multimedia scheduling service, wide-band data service, SMS and multimedia messaging service, video monitoring and distribution, etc.

Application of on-board ZiLTE system

  • Professional dispatch console service: includes trunking dispatch, map dispatch and video dispatch, supporting 3-screens extension, giving consideration to scheduling operation and positioning information, real-time video display.

  • Professional trunking service: the system complies with B-TrunC standard, integrated with a set of network element and service system such as core network, base station, offering full duplex audio video call, audio and video intercom, emergency call, dynamic regrouping, call forwarding, mandatory disconnection or interruption, high-priority emergency service call, stun/kill/revive and other extensive professional trunking services.

  • Multimedia scheduling service: multimedia scheduling services include mobile video monitoring, video distribution, SMS, MMS, and map-based video dispatch services.

  • LTE broadband wireless data bearers: provide wireless broadband wireless data bearers for application systems and customized terminals of various industries, such as information acquisition, video monitoring, industry information construction; industry-specific equipment integrates with LTE data modules to realize wireless control and data transmission of special equipment, eliminating the need for cable installation, featuring rapid deployment, simple construction, convenient system upgrade and service change. The system can provide various terminals with Internet access service through Internet access.