Mini-eChat System

The Mini-eChat system supports a lot of PoC functions. Being simple, reliable, cost-effective and flexible for deployment, it meets local or cloud deployment requirements in the application scenarios. Mini-eChat has been widely used in command and dispatch of industries such as transportation, logistics, factories, property companies, etc..

Multiple services: voice,location, message, recording,video, geofence, etc.

Easy deployment: operation in one or two servers, support remote configuration

Flexible migration: with the possiblity to migrate to distributed eChat to support more users.

Convenient O&M: GUI-based operation and maintenance, simple to operate and labor-saving.

Network interworking: gateway interfaces for interconnection with multiple DMR system.

Product specification

Fixed scenario: Mini-eChat 2000

In a fixed scenario, a server supports up to 2000 users. One server, local or in the cloud, is installed and deployed with mutilple services including voice, location, message, recording, video, and storage.

Flexible scenario: Mini-eChat 5000

In this scenario, a server supports up to 5000 users for voice, location, message,local recording. Or two servers are deployed with multiple services like voice, location, message, recording, video, and storage.