DMR Core Network eTC 100

As an important component of the DMR system, ZXTS eTC 100 consists of four parts: PTT Dispatch Server (PDS), PTT Home Register (PHR), Dispatch Agent Server (DAS), and PTT Application Server (PAS). It supports all the trunking and dispatch services and carrier-class authentication and authorization for the trunking service.

  • Professional Trunking              

    Compatible with MPT / DMR system, supports hybrid grouping

  • Excellent Performance                

    Push-To-Talk with call setup time less than 300ms

  • High Reliability                            

    Hardware / element disaster toleration

  • Enhanced Security                      

    End-to-end encryption, two-way authentication, air-interface encryption

  • Easy Maintenance                      

    Client / server architecture, multi-level authorization, centralized management


Dimensions  ( H×W×D )

42.8mm×434mm× 704.75mm



Power Supply

-48V DC / 220V AC

Power Consumption

AC: ≤750 W  DC: ≤1100 W

Call Setup Time


Voice Delay


Number  of Trunking Users


Maximum  Number  of Groups


Maximum  Number  of BS


Maximum Number of PSTN and  PABX ( Way / Gateway )

30 ( 1×E1 ) ( extended to 240 ( 8× E1 ) )