Wireless Communication Solution for Mining

Customer Demand

Explosion-proof security

Stable operation, reliable performance, and explosion-proof and intrinsic safety

Mobile communications

Voice, SMS, trunking and data communications, supporting interconnection and interworking

Underground coverage

Applicability in special scenario such as long roadways, multiple layers, and many metallic shields

Wireless transmission

High-speed data transmission, meeting the requirement for transmission of video, positioning and production acquisition data

Trunking dispatch

Coordinated work and unified dispatch among different types of underground workers and between ground and underground


The underground communications system developed by Caltta is a mature, stable, reliable, and robust system. The system provides the voice, data and trunking services, which not only meet the current requirement for coal mine communications, but also follow the future development trend of digital coal mines and intelligent mines. It provides users with a unified communications platform, to realize integration between dispatch communications and administrative communications, between underground communications and ground communications, between wired communications and wireless communications, between communications and positioning, and between voice communications and data communications.


Explosion-proof certification

Explosion-proof wireless base station for coal mines, facilitating engineering and maintenance, and realizing secure and efficient underground wireless coverage

Explosion-proof terminal for coal mines, with options of specialized trunking terminal and intelligent terminal

Green voice

Dedicated voice channel, featuring clear voice, strong anti-interference capability and applicability to communications in complicated environments

Organic integration with existing communications systems in coal mines, realizing integrated communications dispatch

Wireless broadband

High-speed bandwidth, carrying multiple data transmission services such as video streaming

Data rate up to 100 Mbit/s due to the use of LTE technologies

Professional trunking

ITU standard-compliant evolution and proprietary products

Dialing not required, push to talk, multi-party response, high volume, portability, and rapid deployment of wireless radio, helping build a wireless command and dispatch system for efficient production and safety patrol