Spotlight on US IWCE 2019: Caltta’s Technological Innovation Showing Brand of Charm


From March 6 to 7, 2019, IWCE, one of the most essential professional wireless communication exhibition, opened in Las Vegas Exhibition Center. With a brand-new image, Caltta appeared again in IWCE, bringing out its self-developed technology products and drawing attentions from many foreign agents and buyers.

Visiting Calttas exhibition stand, people could easily notice the preeminent Portable Emergency Command System P200. Despite its small size, P200 has a set of broadband solution system based on LTE, supporting services such as professional voice/ video trunking, broadband data, video streaming, GIS and multimedia dispatch. It is easy to manipulate the system and many powerful functions are involved. It only takes one click to start the system and a few minutes to set up. The maximum user number is 1,000. Besides, the system can be widely used in fire emergency, earthquake rescue, urgent police development and other events, vastly improving the efficiency of mission.

Calttas new generation of ultra-thin Digital Repeater PR900 supports regular repeat, IP connection, synchronization broadcast, visual trunking, light trunking and other application modes. The repeater has flexible networking and simple operation. It can efficiently increase the coverage, expand the channel capacity, augment the users, and keep the voice clear. The repeater also supports simultaneous connection of various terminals of PDT and DMR. With its ultra-thin appearance and powerful function, the repeater widely received compliments from the exhibitors.

In addition to P200 and PR900, Caltta also exhibited advancing ultra-thin radio Z9, digital trunking radio PH790/PH700/PH500/PH520 and various flagship terminals. The ultra-thin radio Z9, especially, not only has the appearance that is able to compete with smart phone, but also produces outstanding function. It provides remarkably high voice quality and involves multiple functions. Z9 has already passed stringent reliability test and is praised by many users in public safety industry.

While the two-day IWCE came to a perfect end, Caltta won a great success in the exhibition. We look forward to bringing more surprise to everyone in the next IWCE.