eChat Operation Management Console

eChat Operation Management Console is a hierarchical and domain-based management platform for eChat services, and it provides flexible management modes that are adaptive to both unified operation and hierarchical operation. The system supports network-based remote configuration of terminals, and manages user permissions and other policies via the management platform in a centralized manner, which facilitates deployment and management.

Open Platform

Adopts the design of an open architecture and provides a highly portable platform.

Hierarchical Management

Provides hierarchical management modes in the organizational structure to meet management needs on different levels.

Convenient Operations

Supports one-click operation in all service functions, which is easy to operate and provides high maintainability.

Account Permission Management

Supports permission-based and domain-based account management. Accounts with different permissions can access different contents, and as a result security is guaranteed.


Supports open SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interfaces for industry users to implement customization rapidly.

Service Functions

Account management  

Supports permission-based and domain-based account management; addition, deletion, modification, and query of account information; and three-layer management mode.

User management  

Supports user service-related management, including service commissioning, service disabling/enabling, and license control.

Organization group management

Supports the batch configuration of enterprise organizations and users within organizations through one-click operations.

Operation data management

Supports the management of operation data used by user services on different levels.

Asset management

Supports the management of terminals and terminal cards.

Alarm management

Supports brief data statistics, real-time data statistics, and historical data statistics.  

Performance management

Supports the presentation of statistical results in graphs.  

Log management  

Supports the backtracking of system operation logs and operation logs.