DMR Simulcast Solution

DMR conventional (Tier II) simulcast system is mainly used in application scenarios where users are widely distributed, and multiple repeaters are required to form the network coverage, but the number of available frequencies for customers is limited. The system comprises multiple IP interconnected repeaters, but all repeaters in the system work at the same transmit and receive frequency, thus saving the frequency resource while providing wide coverage.


In Calttas DMR simulcast system, the repeater hardware is based on PR900 but a simulcast board is added. Different model codes are used for the two repeaters in conventional system and simulcast system respectively.

One DMR simulcast system can support up to 16 repeaters, one of repeaters is the simulcast master and the others are simulcast slaves. The simulcast master and slaves are configured by CPS.The simulcast master completes the air interface uplink frames selection process and distributes the downlink frames to all simulcast slaves.


  • Reuse limited frequency to improve the network efficiency, saving frequency resource

  • Wide network coverage provided by IP interconnected repeater

  • Improved user experience supported by automatic roaming and handover

  • Private network and public network integration by interconnecting with eChat system


The simulcast network supports dispatching functions such as voice call, text message, positioning, etc. The dispatching console carries out related dispatching services through the simulcast master.The network management can see all the repeaters, also inspect and maintain all of them.

DMR simulcast system supports interconnection with eChat system.