ECS Solution

Digital conventional communication system combines the advantages of two-way wireless communication and digital technology, and has many advantages and functions of traditional analog system. However, a repeater can only support up to two calls at the same time, resulting in limited use of channel resources, it cannot support more radios to initiate calls simultaneously.


ECS is an enhanced conventional system developed by Caltta, based on the digital conventional system and combining the advantages of the digital trunking system. Having both advantages of conventional and trunking system, it is easy construction and low networking costs, it overcomes the weaknesses of uneven channel load and low channel utilization when multiple channel machines are stacking in conventional system. The ECS can realize the channel sharing of multiple conventional channels in one site like trunking system, achieving load balance between channels and improving channel utilization.

The typical network topology of the ECS system includes radios, repeaters, Ethernet switches, network management, dispatch consoles and other equipment. Each site has multiple repeaters. The repeaters within the site are connected through switches, and the sites can be connected to the WAN through routers, and communicate with network management and dispatch system.


  • Easy networking, saving equipment and maintenance costs

  • Flexible channel assignment and load balancing to avoid congestion caused by uneven load

  • Supports reserved dedicated positioning channels to ensure that voice and positioning service free of conflict with each other

  • Avoid the risk of a single point failure, and individual channel failure does not affect site use

  • Support flexible networking across network segments

  • Significantly increase capacity within coverage.