LTE Solution

Based on LTE technology and B-TrunC standard, the private LTE wireless broadband multimedia communication system provides voice, trunking, location, message, data collection, information exchange, video transmission, video pull, and other multimedia services, enabling not only “Push-to- Talk” but also “Push-to-X”.


Caltta's private LTE system not only inherits the standard architecture and protocols, maturity, good scalability and advanced technology of LTE, but also achieves sharing of forward channels for trunking services and fast access.

Caltta's private LTE system has been widely used in government, public safety,transportation, public utility, energy, industry and so on, which creates a new era of private communication.


One Network,Multiple Services

One platform supports all wireless technologies: DMR, UMTS and LTE, etc.

Carrier-class Industry leading software-defined radio architecture, to offer multi-technology services for future 5G radio technology

Supporting Voice, PTT, location, SMS, data collection, video transmission, video pull and other multimedia services.

Information Encryption, High Security

End-to-end hardware encryption based on 256-bit high-strength algorithm

Carrier-class network provides a more reliable and robust system

Geographical redundancy of core network and hot standby of main boards make the system more resistant to failure

Unified Dispatching, Good Interoperability

Interconnection and interworking with the PSTN, PBX, MPT1327, DMR, PDT, TETRA, and other private communication networks.

Triple-screen dispatch, making sure everything is under control

Deep Customization, Wide Applications

Standard interface, intelligent platform, and rich spectrum available to meet various requirements of industrial users.

Flexibly customized workflow, providing better user experience