Ad-hoc Solution

The sMesh ("s" standing for smart) broadband Mesh Manpack system adopts center-less co-frequency Mesh network technology and distributed network architecture. The system supports any net​work topology and mul​ti-hop relay, and provides users with reliable,fast-responsive,efficient,and secure multimedia integrated services, like All IP clear voice, broadband data under non-line-of-sight and fast-moving scenarios. It is widely adopted in sectors such as public safety, fire brigade, electric power, petroleum, transportation,water conservancy,forestry,medical etc. to meet user demands for wireless broadband communication daily or in an emergency case to achieve "on-demand communication anytime and anywhere".


Independent Networking of Ad-hoc Solution

This scenario uses sMesh system to rapidly establish Multi-node IP interconnection and link backhaul

Ad-hoc Solution as Backhaul

The sMesh system acts as the backhaul link between the spot and the command center.

Ad-hoc Solution as Extension

The portable LTE system provides ground coverage. For LTE coverage blind spots, the sMesh system acts as an extension to LTE network and realizes service backhaul.


Quick Startup
The system does not require any configuration, starts up after pressing one button, accesses network and works in "seconds".

High Reliability
With IP67 waterproof and dust proof, high anti-vibration performance,and temperature range of –40°C to +60°C,the system is comprehensively applicable to harsh environment.

Services Diversity
The system supports rich services such as voice video, and location, and support VPN connection and support to connect with satellite, public network, and LTE station systems.

One system,Multi-purpose
The system can be flexibly deployed as required, such as man pack, onboard (vehicle or vessel) or fixed at one position. It can meet the requirements of communication support for users on land or on board, and can realize wireless networking coverage during parking or travel of vehicle or vessel.

Flexible Networking
The system adopts centerless and co-frequency Mesh network and flexibly configured bandwidth of the carrier. It supports point-to-multipoint, chain relay,star network,and hybrid network,as well as multi-hop relay and relay forwarding.