COW and ECV Solution

Caltta Emergency Command Vehicle (ECV) / Communications on Wheels (COW), integrated with the LTE multimedia broadband trunking system, can provide various services such as voice/video trunking, high-definition (HD) video, data collection, video conferencing, location and encryption.


The vehicle provides a secure and stable working environment for personnel and equipment, featuring high integrity and mobility, including vehicle body, mast system, power system, air-conditioning system, monitoring system and lightning protection & grounding system, centralized control system, etc.Large-, medium- and small-sized vehicles of multiple brands, such as IVECO, Benz, ISUZU and Toyota, customized to meet different customer demands.

The satellite communication system provides reliable communication links between the vehicle and the fixed commanding centers, ensuring stable operation of communications, command and dispatch. It includes satellite ground station, vehicle-mounted satellite and backpack satellite etc. Aside from VSAT system, the ECV / COW supports other ways of transmission, such as optical fiber, E1, IP. and NLOS Bridge.


Professional Trunking

Professional trunking functions with unified commanding and dispatching ability, supporting multi-party response and quick access (within 300ms).

Data rate up to 100 Mbps due to the use of LTE technologies, supporting high-definition video transmission.

High security and confidentiality, professional encryption for voice, data and video.

Wide Coverage

Small-sized vehicle: coverage radius >2km (HD video signal).

Medium- and large-sized vehicle: coverage radius > 8km (HD video signal).


Abundant services: voice/video trunking, video transmission, data acquisition etc, configurable according to actual applications.

Various transmitting mode: satellite, optical fiber, IP, 3G/4G PSTN and NLOS Bridge etc, ensuring smooth transmission.

Diversified application scenarios: Single or multiple ECV can work independently for local network coverage or access to the existing network as an extension.

Fast Deployment

The mast, antenna feeder and support legs can be deployed automatically within 30 minutes.

The VSAT system can capture the satellite rapidly to ensure emergency communication.

Deep customization

Bullet-proof modification available on the entire vehicle to provide allround protection.

Optional configuration with daily necessities to improve work efficiency.