Caltta All-Star Lineup | Digital Repeater PR900, an Exemplary Industrial Design


Shenzhen has taken the lead when it comes to communication and industrial design in China. The Digital Repeater PR900 released by Caltta in 2019 is one example of an excellent communications system device that embodies Shenzhen’s distinct style. Now let's take a closer look at the product’s industrial design.

Inspired by the front grille of a famous German automobile, the PR900 adopts convection-type intake grille on the left and right parts of its front panel. Compared to those with conventional horizontal grilles, this 44-mm high device features a more compact and intricate structure. The high-speed air that flows through grilles when it runs with a full load is the surest sign of its strong performance.

The control panel in the center has a polished finish similar to piano lacquer, which is a stark contrast with the textured surface on other parts of the front panel. The 2.0-inch LCD and simplified navigation menu and buttons feel more gadget-like and add a hint of sophisticated glamour to the generally plain appearance of communications infrastructure devices.

PR900 is a standard device designed for 19-inch cabinets. The concave guide rails on both sides are made of aluminum and beautifully contrast with the black oxide treated case, making the product appear slimmer and neater. When being used as an emergency device, the PR900 can be more reliably and conveniently assembled and disassembled.

Ports on the rear side of the PR900 are neatly arranged, with the AC/DC power port, data interface, and RF interface ordered from left to right. The concealed heat-dissipation design at the base allows for more efficient heat dissipation without compromising the product’s overall simplicity.

After the shell is removed, the most impressive design is the integrated aluminum alloy base. Like a car’s chassis, the base determines the stability of the overall product and manages heat balance. After careful simulation and extensive analysis, our designers adopted an ingenious solution that uses independent heat dissipation for the left and right heat sources (power supply and RF) and auxiliary heat dissipation for a heat sink on the baseband unit. With the three silent powerful fans equipped on the baseband unit and heat dissipation fins, it substantially increases the heat dissipation efficiency of the entire system and guarantees uninterrupted 24/7 operation of the digital repeater in all environments.

Based on a modular design, internal components including the AC/DC power module, baseband processing module and 50W module are arranged symmetrically, with connecting cables and flat cables neatly sorted. In addition, locking screws and flat cable connectors with latches further improve the reliability. For professional users, it is not difficult to see that major function modules can generally be replaced within one minute, making it easier to conduct long-term maintenance. For Hams, the device’s modular structure allows refit and reassemble freely to meet specific requirements of different segments of the industry.