Caltta All-Star Lineup | PoC Star e700: an 'All-Rounder' in Industry Applications


Compared with traditional PoC radios that support only voice calls, the new-generation large-screen intelligent radio boasts a wide range of industry applications including text, images, videos, and location, and are becoming the mainstream product in the PoC industry. In response to this need, Caltta, based on deep expertise and extensive industry experience, launched the e700 large-screen intelligent radio.

Not Only a Large Screen

The e700 adopts the dual-color injection process to present a superb and decent appearance. The compact and lightweight product can be easily held with a hand. It has anti-slip grooves to ensure that the product can be held tightly. In addition to the large-screen, other necessary standard components such as the external antenna, large PTT button, and loudspeaker are available.

The e700 supports full frequencies on the carrier network. The product comes with the mainstream hardware configuration, and features a quad-core A53 smart processor, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM storage and deeply customized Android 7.0 OS. The 4.0-inch touchscreen with resolution of 800×480 on the front side supports diversified intelligent application operations.

The 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera make e700 capable of taking multimedia images and video clips. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS chips, it can be connected to various peripherals.

The optimized hardware and software contributed to low power consumption of the device. Together with the 4000 mAh large-capacity battery, e700 can run long enough to meet the shift work needs of professional customers.

Diversified Application Scenarios

The e700 not only incorporates the features of fast communication and response, but also provides rich industry application scenarios to bring more comprehensive and professional industry solutions in many sectors.

Urban management: In addition to dispatching via the voice service, e700 also supports real-time live view backhaul to the command center through the eChat video dispatch platform. In this way, the rear end can be much more responsive to make accurate decisions and commands based on the actual situations on site.

Property management: e700 supports customized apps of property management companies, and receives messages from the management center in real time. The property management center can, based on the location of the e700, push work orders to nearby staff members rapidly, achieving responsive services and higher satisfaction.

Railway maintenance: Through the eChat voice,message and video function of e700, railway inspection personnel can efficiently contact the maintenance center, and send text and images about railway equipment to seek guidance on spare parts and maintenance quickly.