Broadband trunking builds a security line of defense | How Caltta fight against epidemic


During the critical period of epidemic prevention, even a slight carelessness can result in irreparable consequences, and there is social consensus on combating against the epidemic all together.The 1.4GHz Beijing broadband trunking private network, in which CALTTA TECHNOLOGIES was mainly involved in its construction, undertakes broadband multimedia trunking services with high reliability, effectively guaranteeing the organization and coordination, voice communication and video command for epidemic prevention and control in Beijing. As the coronavirus epidemic broke out suddenly in Beijing, on June 19th, the soaring demand for communication at nucleic acid testing sites led to instantaneous peak and even congestion of the public network. This situation, in combination with blind spots for video surveillance, insufficient diversion of crowd flow and many other difficulties, pose major challenges for the staff in voice communication and video command and dispatch.

In response to the call from the full response command center in Yuetan Sub-district Office of Beijing Xicheng District, CALTTA TECHNOLOGIES and CAPINFO lost no time in activating coronavirus emergency plan in place. A project team of key technical professionals from the two companies started to deploy the broadband trunking command and dispatch system at the Yuetan nucleic acid testing site, covering configuration, testing, network optimization, equipment debugging and on-site training. Through joint efforts of three commissioning specialists, the testing of broadband trunking dispatch console and radio was completed in only a few hours, putting the multi-point trunking dispatching services between the command center and nucleic acid testing sites into use.

On-site commissioning by the project team

Facts have proven that CALTTA TECHNOLOGIES broadband trunking system features stable operation, clear voice, accurate positioning, and smooth video upload. It provides key technical support for staff communication and for the command centers timely awareness of the on-site situation, and makes the command center respond to emergencies more efficiently. The command center highly valued CALTTA TECHNOLOGIES broadband trunking system, and expressed respect for the project teams professionals, rapid and decisive actions in the fight against the epidemic.

Real-time video upload using CALTTA GH900

It can be challenging for public network to meet the sudden upsurge in demand for communication when unexpected emergencies occur. The 1.4GHz broadband trunking solution would address this very issue. The unique advantage of exclusive use of the private network makes it an obvious choice for on-site voice communication and video command and dispatch during emergency relief. Guaranteed front-line communication is the lifeline at critical moments. CALTTA TECHNOLOGIES will keep living up to expectations and make our due contributions to shore up the smooth flow of command and dispatch information in the capital, and collaborate with other parties to build a “security line of defense” against the epidemic.