Caltta Facilitates the "Experience Beijing" Ice Sports Testing Program Successfully Held


From April 1st to April 10th, following the successful holding of snow event testing program in February, here comes the testing program of the ice sports for the "Experience Beijing" series of winter sports events, including seven sports, namely ice hockey, curling, figure skating, and short track speed skating, etc. . They will be staged in the five Beijing Winter Olympics competition venues and this testing program is a bench-marking for the official competition, and is another practical testing for the competition organization, venue operation and service guarantee.

Competition Venue (The photo comes from Internet)

Large-scale events are crowded with people, and public mobile networks are prone to signal congestion. How to ensure that communication between various departments is unimpeded, and that all events are carried out in an orderly manner, it is necessary to build a professional and reliable dedicated network. The trunking network service provided for the testing program of the ice sports is the Beijing 1.4G wireless government private network. This network has covered the areas within and near the Fifth Ring Road of Beijing, as well as carried out key coverage for the Shougang Park where the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee is located.

Based on Caltta’s integrated communication command and dispatch system, the ice testing program headquarter has powerful visual dispatch capabilities. Through audio/video trunking calls, video pull-ups, video forwarding and distribution, and map-based circle selection calls, it is realized to unify dispatch and unify management for the five major competition venues to ensure the rapid report and release of command orders.

Integrated Dispatch System

During the testing program, the operation managers and technical support personnel of the five major competition venues are equipped with Caltta dual-mode broadband radio GH860 and tri-mode radio GH900 to quickly realize real-time coalition and efficient collaboration among working groups across departments through private calls and group calls , which improve the efficiency of venue resource allocation and emergency response, and ensure the orderly development of testing program.

Tri-mode Radio GH900

Taking into account the particularity of the ice sports venue, the radio used in this testing program is the dual-mode broadband radio GH860 developed especially for the Winter Olympics. Its debut in such a large-scale event has been highly complimented by the front-line staff of the testing prpgram and becomes a dazzling new star in the application of B-TrunC broadband trunking with its stunning appearance, lightweight feeling, smooth operation, reliable performance and rich services.

Dual-mode Broadband Radio GH860

The ice sports testing program ended successfully. After another high-standard full-process drill, the venue operation team and technical support team have accumulated valuable experience. Caltta's stable system, excellent products, rich services and professional technical support win the praise from the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.