Caltta Public and Private Converged Solution Helps Spanish Police to Enhance Law Enforcement Efficiency

  • Project Background

The legacy analog system for the police of Rincon de la Victoria in Spain has been in service for 16 years. It faces many problems, such as outdated equipment, poor call quality, limited coverage, short standby time of radios, and high system maintenance costs, seriously lowering the working efficiency of the police.

  • User Requirements

To improve work efficiency and provide better services to local citizens, Rincon police needs to build a new police PMR system, which should meet the following standards:

  1.Fully digital technology, voice is clear and loud;

  2.Secure private networks, not easy to be eavesdropped.

  3.In case of limited private network coverage, wider coverage should be achieved by relying on the public network;

         4.All PMR networks should be interconnected and dispatched in a unified manner to meet actual law enforcement requirements.

  • Solution

Caltta makes full use of its advantages in the field of unified communications, and provides Rincon police with a multi-dimensional networking solution of "broadband and narrowband integration, public and private convergence". By deploying DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) and eChat PoC (Push-to-talk over Cellular), it enables real-time transmission of voice, short message and location data under different application scenarios, and assists the police in command and dispatch, daily office work, law enforcement, so as to ensure the full-area, whole-process, and all-weather mobile communication guarantee.

  • Solution Advantages

With the concept of "broadband and narrowband integration, public and private convergence", the unified wireless communication system has greatly improved the daily working efficiency, emergency response speed, and dispatching capabilities of Rincon police:

  • Public and Private Convergence

The eChat PoC based on public network and DMR private network are complementary to each other, and are organized in a unified manner to realize interconnection in private call, group call and positioning services.

  • Broadband and Narrowband Integration

Narrowband DMR system guarantees all-staff voice calls and short data services, broadband eChat PoC system provides voice calls and broadband data services outside the DMR coverage area beside that.

  • Unified Dispatch

Full integration at system level is implemented between DMR and eChat PoC system, realizing full interconnection, seamless command and unified dispatch.

  • Customer Evaluation

Francisco Javier Casanova, the chief inspector of the local police, highly recognized the new system and stressed the importance of high-quality communication: "The new communication system provides better sound quality, clearer voice records and precise positioning for each device. In case of accident, each device can work independently. Most importantly, it improves the efficiency of team communication and collaboration".