Chief Editor's Box Opening Review of Caltta DH4 Series DMR Radios


Gert Jan Wolf of the Critical Communications Review has made a complete box opening review of Caltta’s latest entry level DMR radios and brought them to French countryside for call distance tests. Caltta DH400/410/460, a digital two-way radio series with versatile and practical push-to-talk features and compact, rugged design to keep the team connected in various work scenarios.  

Caltta DH400/410/460 radios, compliant to digital mobile radio (DMR) standard, deliver loud and clear audio in different environments.  The 2 watts high-power speaker, combined with optimized front and rear sound cavities, releases loud and clear sound with maximum efficiency. The built-in single-MIC noise reduction algorithm effectively filters the background noise. In a typical work environment, the noise can be reduced by up to 13dB.

Caltta DH4 series radios achieve 0.16uV(-123dBm) high receiving sensitivity through the optimized RF circuit layout and long helical antenna. The communication distance is 15% longer than most radios of the same grade in the market. Gert Jan Wolf has clearly demonstrated the signal strength and transmission distance with an interesting call test in the countryside of France.

DH4 adopts optimized digital power saving technology. In the 5:5:90 traffic model, i.e., 5% of the time in transmitting, 5% in receiving, and 90% in standby, with the 2500mAh battery, it lasts for 18 hours in the analog mode and 25 hours in the digital mode. The radios fully meet the requirement of long work hours.

DH4 radios support the conventional DMO/RMO of analog/digital mode. In conventional digital mode, DH4 series support registration/deregistration, radio check, remote stun/revive, lone worker, roaming, etc., to assist users with efficient communication and dispatch. They are compatible with radios of other brands in analog/digital communications.

“Caltta DH4 series of DMR radios are designed to bring versatile and practical voice call features to the staff and the best value for money to business owners. I am happy that radios performed well during my unboxing review and tests in the countryside. You will have a better understanding of them by watching the review video,” said Gert Jan Wolf.

With PH6, DH5, and the new DH4, the Caltta DH series now becomes the most complete digital two-way radio portfolio in the market for the small and medium sized enterprises and businesses. Caltta Technologies is a leading provider of integrated professional trunking communication solutions.