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Caltta iCS

Based on a unified IP bearer, Caltta iCS(incident Command System) of unified communications with all-in-one emergency command system can be carried by hand, man-packed, or mounted on a pole, to provide front-line integrated communication and dispatching. Highly deployable during emergency response and disaster relief, the unified management of multiple service capabilities is especially developed to assist on-site emergency communications and command.


Features of iCS

  • Highly Integrated Design

  • Compare with iDS, the incident Command System is integrated with the background system, foldable triple screens, all-network 5G router, gigabit PoE switch, GB28181 international standard video system, built-in speaker MIC, and large-capacity battery.

  • Standard Interconnection

  • The standard SIP, pSIP and G28181 protocols are used for interconnection with other private networks, ad-hoc networking, platforms, and gateways.

  • Direct Command and Dispatch

  • The SIM card and relevant module make it possible to achieve connectivity with the back-end command center through the linkage of satellites, carrier networks, and wired IP. The command center can directly command and dispatch the forces at the rescue site.

  • Portable and Quick Response

  • The built-in battery lasts for 4 hours. The equipment works with multiple power supply modes such as POE, mains electricity, generator, vehicle-mounted power supply, and backup battery. It features fast set-up, fast start-up, fast pick-up, and fast transfer.

  • Abundant Services

  • The iCS we DMR radio manufacturers provided supports VoIP, group calls, multimedia messages, map location, video monitoring, data analysis, resource coordination, dispatching, three-screen display, and synchronous execution.

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