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21 2023.03
Four Common Means of Emergency Communications
Emergency Communications is a communication method that can temporarily and maneuverably provide emergency services after emergencies such as combat readiness, emergency rescue and disaster relief, te...
04 2023.01
DMR Basics
In short, DMR is a commercial digital voice system that radio enthusiasts are adapting to. DMR was originally a digital radio standard designed for commercial use and was developed in 2005 by the Euro...
01 2022.06
Private LTE/5G Market is Full of Energy
According to IDC, the global private LTE and 5G wireless infrastructure market will reach $8.3 billion in revenue by 2026, up from $1.7 billion in 2021. The research firm explained that the market is ...
02 2022.02
Push-To-Talk over Cellular Solution
Push-to-talk over cellular solutions enable nationwide communications over public networks. The solution provides rich communication services including voice, video and data.1. User stratificationIn t...
01 2021.09
What Are the Key Technologies in the Fifth Generation Mobile Communication (5G)?
The key technologies that may be applied in 5G communication are in the research stage. So far, there is no technology (physical layer technology) that can trigger the transformation of the new genera...